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Tianna Morris

"Since childhood, art to me has always been a profound creative outlet, and the theme I love portraying the most: The sophisticated beauty of women, indiscriminate of their race or ethnicity. This comes in consideration of the fact that the fashion and beauty industries are notoriously narrow-minded towards their idea of “beauty”, and as such I believe that the theme of my work is a powerful statement in the feminine struggle to universalize beauty. Over the years however, I felt that I still needed more soul behind my “voice” in art, and with some more personal reflection, remembered the sources of my inspiration outside of fashion and beauty: prolific mythological or historical female figures--or in essence, women of divine and/or time-honored status. With that in mind, I then found a stronger, more powerful focus in my art: To celebrate women of all ethnicities by creating them as fictional characters in the symbolic likeness of their respective cultural/historical figures, with an emphasis on fashion and beauty elements associated with the subject figure.

My pursuit in expressing the beauty of historical/mythical figures are. in a somewhat contradictory but obligatory sense, strongest when it comes to depicting African figures.

This is especially done so in opposition to the age-old dilemma: the severe lack of visual /written representation and historical/cultural documentation of said figures. Consequently, it brings me nothing but joy to breathe life into my figures with a thoughtful perception of said figure, as my work would not only function as a tool of knowledge to encourage others to learn and study African mythology and culture, but serve as an inspiration and point of reference for my fellow artists."

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Artwork by Tianna Morris is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

February 6th-24th 2022

Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm