Shahaadah Morell

Shahaadah Morell's works analyze the different traumatic influences BIPOC communities experience within Western society. Suggesting that these influences affect psychological, behavioral, and emotional patterns that block self-reflection, acceptance, and love.

In advocating for the BIPOC community’s journey to self-awareness, acceptance, and love; Shahaadah openly expresses her process of transmuting traumatic experiences into self-identification revelations. She visually depicts her subjects interacting with their spirit or spirits in the earthly and spiritual realm. She creates these scenes to promote awareness of mental health for indigenous communities.

For more work and inquiries

Instagram: @haadahs_a.r.t


Artwork by Shahaadah Morell is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

July 30th-August 20th 2022

Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm