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Open Call!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Hello Everyone!!

With the current status of the pandemic everyone has been negatively effected one way or another. Our goal at the Tin Roof Gallery is to support the art community and not even this pandemic will stop us.

With that being said if you are an artist of any craft (including photography, digital work, photography, editing, blogs, cosplay or modelling) and are accepting commissions or just want further help promoting yourself we are accepting submissions to help get the word out on our social media (facebook and instagram) and website.

Please send the following requested information to Thetinroofgallery@gmail.com .

• Name

• What is your craft?

•If traditional what mediums do you use?

• 3-5 Images/video best showcasing your work and/or what services you offer

• Contact information (Ie: email, social media)

• Social Media handles or websites

• Short description of your work

• Short description of the services/products you offer

Thank you everyone that participates and we hope youre staying safe!

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