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Londoun Jackson aka Black Crystal Cosplay

Cosplayer | Makeup and SFX Artist | Model

"To be honest, I didn't even know that I was cosplaying until I was told that I was. During my high school years, there was a day during spirit week catered to us dressing up like our favorite celebrities. I chose to dress up as Korra from The Legend of Korra, an animated character, just because I admired her as a character. So many of my classmates were complimenting my "cosplay" and it caused me some confusion at first until I googled the word. Turns out, I always knew what cosplay was, I just never knew there was a specific word for it. I've been cosplaying ever since.

  Seeing cosplay online from other cosplayers is cool! So much versatility and creativity, but of course on the other end of the community, there are people who sap the fun from it and make cosplay a gatekeeping disaster. My passion comes from me wanting to dismantle the gatekeeping folks In the cosplay community, and to give the future generation a more positive outlook on it, to let them know that they are welcome to cosplay and just have fun. Cosplay isn't something that should be taken super seriously like how people twist it now. I try to exude that energy through my posts as much as possible, so people can have their eyes on me, someone who's positive so they can pursue their passions based upon some of my positive principles. 

    My inspiration comes from wanting to give people a getaway from this dark world. I always want my content to be a breath of fresh air for those who are viewing it. Seeing other people smile or get joy from my content, keeps my spirits up and keeps my depression at bay. Creating keeps my creativity alive.

    My ultimate end goal is to launch a cosplay cosmetic line that is geared towards black cosplayers or black makeup artists (those who also do SFX makeup, or skincare routines, etc) because when it comes to artsy makeup things, there's a lack of darker skin tones. I want us to be included too."

For additional work and inquiries

Email: theoriginalblackcrystal@gmail.com      Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackcrystalcos/      Twitter: twitter.com/blackcrystalcos      Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOriginalBlackCrystal

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/BlackCrystalCoveShop

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