• Tin Roof Gallery

LisaMaria Maya

She is Light, She is Protector 16"x20" mixed media

A Latina visual artist from Astoria, NYC, my goal is to capture and celebrate the beauty of nature and to inspire creativity in others. Each painting begins with a meditative free-form drawing which is then actualized with vibrant colors of whatever medium suits the piece. Originally a painter of acrylic and oil, I now create mixed media art works made with acrylic and the melted plastic from menstrual product wrappers. I believe the transformation that takes place in the creative process is reminiscent of the metamorphic changes that occur through every living thing. Life can be cruel and ugly, but it can also be magical and beautiful, I want to encourage the viewer to re-focus on the latter.

Instagram: @lisamariamayaart

Email: lisamariamayaart@gmail.com

*This art piece and more can be viewed at the Tin Roof Gallery until November 4th 2021 Thursday-Saturday 1pm-6pm*