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Lavender HIll 

Traditional Artist

Medium of choice: Acrylic and oil paint 

"Purple is a color that represents  royalty, power, creativity, wisdom, pride, and independence. The color purple uplifts the mind, body, and soul… and it calms the nerves and spirit.

Lavender is calming… I just love the scent of it… it represents femininity and loyalty… Lavender is beautiful, elegant even... and has many therapeutic uses as does art. 

Rainbows represent new beginnings.

These colors and meanings are what I believe have drawn me to be inspired to create my new series of paintings. Which represent the hurt, pain, injustices, and struggle of our black brothers and sisters all over the world. I create to tell a story of unspoken words that i couldn't physically explain aloud. I create to bring positive energy & to shine my light of creativity to all. #BLM

For additional artwork and inquiries

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lavender-Hill-Artistry-106687297601039

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lavenderhillartistry/

Email: lavenderhillaristry1@gmail.com

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