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Keith D. Buswell

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Print Maker

My name is Keith D. Buswell, an artist working in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a local printmaker, mostly working with etchings, but who also dabbles in screen printing. This body of work delves in trees as a symbol of community. In 2016, ecologist Suzanne Simard wanted to find out if trees could talk to each other. What she found was a network of fungi underground connecting the roots of trees that not only relayed information to each other, but also provided nutrients for young and dying plants. This discovery is the embodiment of community. I work primarily on making prints, framed or unframed, and have been known to do some commission work.

For additional artwork and inquiries

Email: Alador24@yahoo.com

Instgram: www.instagram.com/keithdbuswell/

Website: www.keithdbuswell.art/

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