• Tin Roof Gallery

Joelle Cipriotti aka CipofJoelle

"I am an abstract multimedia artist and self-taught oil painter, located in Northern Virginia. I discovered the world of oil painting in early 2019 and have explored many different facets of the medium through my work. Although I create art strictly for my enjoyment, my greatest dream is to inspire those around me to begin exploring different mediums of self-expression, whether that be through painting, photography, or even dance. Through art, I can release intense emotions which in turn shows observers the utter chaos that my subconscious mind needs t liberate. My work involves different aspects of spirituality and encourages the self-discovery of one's psyche. Art gives me the ability to release fears and traumas; I am fortunate enough to find healing within it a wish it to evoke a sense of joy and relatability in others. I don't believe I have a niche style that I strictly adhere to, as I'm willing and interested in exploring all types of media but working abstractly I show I would classify my work. I love to have a shock factor in my pieces that w visually satisfy my observers and keep them curious as to what I will create next. I want to show the "invisible" side of what goes on in a person's mind or life, relating to other people in my pieces always makes m feel safe to know I am not the only person feeling these emotions."

For business inquiries and more artwork

Instagram and Twitter: @cipofjoelle

TikTok: @cipofjoe

Artwork by Cipofjoelle is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

October 12th-November 17th

Thursday-Saturday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm