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Gabriel Gagnier

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Glass Engraver

Gabriel’s artwork consists of many subjects such as animals, people or places that catch his attention. Working mainly with recycled or up-cycled picture frames and glass, his images take on the unique characteristic of the subject. The images are hand engraved on glass with a rotary tool using fine burrs and polishing wheels, all done in keeping some of the details subtle.

The pieces are basic line drawings or intricate details of some pieces are meant to have people look back at their lives and memories. In some instances his pieces leaves viewers wishing that they can see these places, read the books or plan their own excursions to the outdoors.  He finds the pieces are able to lift him and others, maybe for a moment, to experience positivity in daily activities. 

The frames and glass panes with their bumps and scratches do give the whole artwork character. Gabriel's expressed feelings and views is art is to be enjoyed in any environment.

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/gabrielgagnier/

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