• Tin Roof Gallery

Victoria Carolina Perez

"This project focuses on reflections. I want to play with the viewer's mind and make them take a second look at the photograph and have them dissect how the images were made. In a way, I am trying to express how the past year has affected me personally. I want to appear in the photographs but have the focus not be on me and have it be on the other subject that is accompanying me in the image. By using props and backgrounds with vivid colors you can see my personality is reflected in all the images. But the abstraction of the reflections and the disorientation you get while looking at the pictures reflects how I really feel and where my thoughts are right now."

- Victoria Carolina Perez

Instagram: @Vicapphoto

Email: vicaperezphotography@gmail.com

*This art piece and more can be viewed at the Tin Roof Gallery until November 4th 2021 Thursday-Saturday 1pm-6pm*