• Tin Roof Gallery

Kaitlin DiOrio

"The "Blue World" is my escape. Its creation performs as a portal into my mind. I transform my environment into a realm of fantasy, a plane I can freely explore. Blue engulfs the subject on its journey, highlighting the trace of their presence left behind, as mine is when creating.

Hidden and repressed emotions become distorted, ripped, and sewn into the paper. Through creation and destruction, there is recovery. Using fragile materials allows me to accept that every piece will not be perfect in its deterioration. Working instinctually without hesitation enables me to be vulnerable when speaking about my mental health. I create a safe space for myself and others to feel understood and heard. There is no judgment or shame with the color blue; it is calm and alluring. Blue holds my secrets and, in many different forms, has always been a part of my life."

Instagram: @kaitlindiorio

Email: kaitlindiorio@gmail.com

*This art piece and more can be viewed at the Tin Roof Gallery until November 4th 2021 Thursday-Saturday 1pm-6pm*