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Darryl Johnson

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Concept Artist

Tools: Clip Studio Paint Pro, Adobe Photoshop

Traditional Mediums: Graphite, ink, markers

As a Brooklyn born who is passionate about illustration, and virtually obsessed with gaming, Darryl Johnson chooses the title of Concept Artist to explore and dive deep into the world of fantasy, while keeping ground to reality. Since his adolescent years, Darryl has always had the passion to create his own worlds and characters, and bring them to life in the most visually pleasing, and detailed way possible. This stays tried and true today as he continues to hone his skills with the ambition to create content for game studios some day.

For inquiries and additional work

Contact: artsofdj@hotmail.com

Online Portfolio: darrylj.artstation.com

Instagram: @Darrylj_

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