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Chris Cook

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Photographer and painter

Traditional Medium: Acrylic paint

"My name is Chris Cook and I create photographs to reveal adventures discovered through daily explorations of the inner workings of the city or through client's projects.These pictures are portraits of people I both know and do not know, action shots of my subjects in motion; sometimes performing for the camera and still lives/cityscapes. 

I later discovered painting to illustrate moments I cannot capture through photography. My paintings are experimental and help me understand the elements I learned in photography in a different way. In the future, I planned to combine both creative practices together. 

Currently, I offer my photography services such as headshots, portraits, and editorials.


For more art and service inquiries

Email: 3Chriscook@gmail.com

Instagram: @Visually_conscious

Portfolio/ Art for sale: www.chriscook.photo

Photography Services: https://www.cook-studios.com/home

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