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Cassy Santoni

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Traditional Artist

Mediums:  inks/paint markers, color pencils, glitter, and puffy paint, beads and stones My name is Cassy Santoni and I’m an artist most interested in post apocalyptic/alien ideas that are a lot more calm than the usual idea of a post apocalyptic world (although I absolutely love all of that, too, and 100% have ideas on that wave, also). I imagine a future where everyone “knows” and “sees” everything and therefore has to pretty much do nothing except float and zone out. I like brains with the spinal chord and nerves just floating and alien cities just floating. When I get more emotional things take on more of a personality but it’s still pretty solitary. I’m a mom of 2 young and wild boys. They’ve given me a new perspective, though. I never would have become obsessed with brains or my own mortality without them. "

Original work and prints available Instagram- Cassysantoniart Facebook: Cassy Santoni Art Email- cassysantoniart@gmail.com

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