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"Black Man Untethered" Dimensions: 20" X 18"

"I go by ARTACTED which stands for ART- Artist, ACT- Activist, and ED- Educate. I am a historian artist and consider canvases my social justice platform. I create because I feel that the past & present needs to be bridged together when it comes to historical development & cultural transformation. The subjects for my work are Black communities & issues that affect them. My work relies on literature, research & current events &; the mediums of use are acrylic paints & mixed media. Other materials used are oil pastels, metallic paints, glitter, crystals & shells. The process of my artwork is question/inspiration, research & paint. While I love all of my creations, I consider my current works the result of nurturing what my purpose & messages should look like in 2D, through my past work. I want my audience to question how history & culture aids in their understanding of self-identity. My artwork says that I am someone who cares about the advancement & preservation of Black communities and understands the importance of knowing one's history & cultural heritage. This is what motivates me to create.

Instagram: @diane.artacted

Artwork by ARTACTED is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

February 6th-24th 2022

Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm