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Anita R. aka Tranquil Ashes

Cosplayer | Model | Make-up Artist

Tranquil Ashes is a multi-talented artist who has distinguished herself as a make-up artist, body painter, organizer, and cosplayer who specializes in both sewing and armor builds. Tranquil brings a unique set of skills and experiences from growing up in Baltimore to spending several years in Japan. She is a champion of body-positivism, creator of unique geek spaces such as the CosGala. 

"When it comes to inspiration I have always felt the need to put my stamp on everything I've done in life. Art being endless and varied it perfectly represents how I want my life to be. Colorful, interesting, never boring, limitless, and ever evolving. The ability to create through the various forms of art I've had the privilege to participate in and create has given me the ability to transcend societal restrictions. There are very few things that bring true satisfaction in life. For me, creating and art is one of them.

I have been into art all my life, but the last seven or so years of my life has been focused on developing my cosplay, makeup, modeling and entrepreneurial endeavors sparked after my time living in Japan. I had the opportunity to participate in plays, weddings, fashion shows and more which led me into pursing these interests. Makeup being the the passion I wish to elevate as far as I possibly can. Traveling and experiencing new things truly gives me renewed passion and influences to create. 

    One of my many goals is to become my own boss. I want to turn my artistic pursuits into a career and an avenue to help disenfranchised people across the spectrum. I want to help my city. I want to help Baltimore become the Black mecca I believe it can be.  I created a gala called The Cosgala. It's a night to celebrate all different types of art and to showcase talent. A place for  networking and inspiration for POC talent and entertainment for all. My goal would be to make this event something akin to Met Gala for talent otherwise unseen.  What drives me? Simply put, Art makes me happy. As sappy as it sounds, I was blessed with a great family whom have always supported me trying new and different things. I want my passions to turn into a greater and richer life for me and in turn giving back to them.


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Contact: tqashes@gmail.com     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tranquilashess

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tranquil_ashes/

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