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Aneesha Parrone

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Tapestry Weaver

"My work is an expression of my journey, process, the river of light within that invites conversation. My vocabulary is drawn from an inquiry of shapes, textures and colors. Anything that sparks the creative dialog is welcomed, a poem, an essay, a piece of bark, a stone, copper wire, an old button…These kinds of elements, serve as inspirational muses and often embellish the movement of threads across the warp threads of the loom.

My work is a visceral expression of my inspirations. Nature instills an inner perception with her vast panorama of diversity. The challenges of interpretations and reflections on nature are endless; and, like Marc Chagall claims, “…there is a single color… It is the color of love.” The creative dialog with my environment is intended to include and draw in the viewer. Rather than a static statement, I am intrigued with a connectivity that is vibrant and that enlivens our holy ordinariness. Transformation, for me, is an ongoing process of discovery and delight. Celebrating and creating beauty within myself, I give validation and support to the creative expression of a peaceful world."

For additional artwork and inquiries

Email: aneeshaparrone@yahoo.com

Websites: http://www.arpanaaneeshastudio.com

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