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Analia Adorni

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Medium: Alabastor

"I was born in Argentina and studied at the National University of Arts of Buenos Aires. For my artworks I am inspired by spiritual ideas; I look the spirituality present in nature, in people and in relationships. I love the alabaster stone for the transparency and characteristics of the materials, but I also create drawings, paintings, engravings and installations: all the disciplines are important for the creation of an idea.

My goal is to make my ideas and spiritual thoughts into images; made possible in materials an idea and possibilities  human relationships through shows, classes , exhibitions, and other art activities.

Alabaster is a soft Stone of Volterra (Tuscany) that have a particular aspect: it is transparent. This Stone (The most appreciated is the White-transparent Stone of Volterra) permits the additional use of light with the artwork. Natural and artificial lights are used to illuminate the small sculptures and "paintings of table" . These works are made in Tuscany and is a very appreciated tradition in the region."

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