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28 Days of Black Creators

First off Happy Black History Month everyone! 2020 was a disastrous rollercoaster for us all. A rollercoaster we're still on in 2021 unfortunately. But If we come together to support one another we can most certainly thrive even in these conditions.

As a cosplayer the cosplay community has a celebration known 28 Days of Black Cosplay (#28DaysofBlackCosplay) where the community comes together to support each other by sharing and reposting cosplayers other than themselves every day of February. This inspired me to celebrate Black History Month in a similar fashion by sharing todays black creators of various art mediums. As you have probably already guessed I have dubbed this #28DaysofBlackCreators. I hope that you will join me in showing love and support to the black art community whether by sharing your favorite black creators or taking time out to check out the ones shared by TRG.

You can follow along via Instagram and Facebook where everyday of February a different artist will be shared. If you are a black artist most definitely reach out to us with your Instagram/Facebook handle so you can be featured too.

Best wishes!


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