The Tin Roof Gallery's

1 year anniversary is almost upon us!

It's been a wild year and we have hosted four successful exhibitions! Each exhibition was packed with unforgettable memories within the art community filled with inspiration and positive energy. What better way to celebrate our anniversary in October than to bring on the spooky! For the Spooky Szn Group Art Show, we want to highlight the beauty of horror, dark fantasy, mystery, the supernatural, and more.

This exhibition is guaranteed to be one of our best and will be one to remember so you don't want to miss out! Thank you for sticking with us and we look forward to you being part of our Spooky Szn Group Art Show

Submission Information

  • Art submission limit: 1-4 art pieces

  • Theme: Horror/Macabre, dark fantasy, magic, gothic, supernatural, etc

  • Participation Fee: $35.00

  • Deadline: September 25th, 2022

  • All mediums are welcome!

I am an abstract multimedia artist and self-taught oil painter, located in Northern Virginia. I discovered the world of oil painting in early 2019 and have explored many different facets of the medium through my work. Although I create art strictly for my own enjoyment, my greatest dream is to inspire those around me to begin exploring different mediums of self-expression, whether that be through painting, photography, or even dance. Through art, I can release intense emotions which in turn shows observers the utter chaos that my subconscious mind needs to liberate. My work involves different aspects of spirituality and encourages the self-discovery of one's psyche. Art gives me the ability to release my fears and traumas; I am fortunate enough to find healing within it and wish it to evoke a sense of joy and relatability in others. I don't believe I have a niche style that I strictly adhere to, as I'm willing and interested in exploring all types of media but working abstractly is how I would classify my work. I love to have a shock factor in my pieces that will visually satisfy my observers and keep them curious as to what I will create next. I want to show the "invisible" side of what goes on in a person's mind or life, relating to other people in my pieces always makes me feel safe to know I am not the only person feeling these emotions.

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Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter: @Cipofjoelle

Artwork by Joelle Cipriotti is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

July 30th-August 20th 2022

Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm

K.C. is an eccentric queer Brooklyn-born artist. They use different mediums in a surrealist way to connect with the source of energy we all have as humans in this world. K.C. has been creating all her life and is a self-taught painter and digital artist with a BA in Computer animation.

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Instagram: @Kingkaci_


Artwork by K.C. is on view at the Tin Roof Gallery

July 30th-August 20th 2022

Thursday-Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm